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Q: Is snow boarding an extreme sport?
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What is Justin Bieber's favorite snow sport?

snow boarding

Is snow boarding a popular sport?


Is snow boarding a olympic sport?

Yes it is now a sport at the Olympic Games.

In what spring sport would you find a half pipe?

snow boarding

Is skate boarding a sport?

Yes. Skateboarding is whats called an Extreme Sport. Is was going to be an official Olympics sport, although it got changed.

If skateboarding is an extreme sport how come it's not an Olympic sport?

The Olympic committee has not yet chosen it as an Olympic sport. There would have to be judges that could define what was the best in the sport. Since snow boarding is now part of the Olympics, it is highly likely we will see skateboarding as part of the summer Olympics soon.

What came first skate boarding or snow boarding?

Skate Boarding was invented before Snow Boarding.

What sport has Cole Sprouse been involved in since age 4?

surfing and snow boarding

What has the author Stephen Kenneth Hodnett written?

Stephen Kenneth Hodnett has written: 'SPORTS BOARDING SCHOOLS' -- subject(s): BOARDING schools -- Sport -- Comparisons, SPORT -- Boarding schools -- Comparisons, SCHOOLS, Boarding -- Sport -- Comparisons

Whats Jake t austins fav sport?

baseball,football,surfing,basketball,skateboarding ;D, snow boarding, stuff like that !

What if you get hungry when you are snow Boarding?

You eat

Did Eddie Murphy die snow boarding?

No, Eddie Murphy didn't die in a snow boarding accident. In fact, he is very much alive.

What makes a sport an extreme sport?

it has to be out of the ordinary, an extreme sport can be anything that can put your own life at risk such as mountain biking or paintball, what makes an extreme sport is the intensity that you feel while engaging in the activity. Alpine skiing is another extreme sport.

What does snow boarding stand for?

it stands for a person riding a board in the snow

Why is snowboarding counted as an extreme sport?

Yes, snowboarding is considered an extreme sport.

What sport originated in Hawaii?

Surfing is a sport that originated in Hawaii. Kite boarding, kayaking and wind boarding are sports that are common to Hawaii but did not come from Hawaii

How did snow boarding originate?

snow bording started in the late 1960's

Is powder snow better than packed snow?

YEAH brilliant for boarding

What is faster skiing or snow boarding?


How is acceleration involved in snow boarding?

because ...

Is basketball an extreme sport?

yes it is i found it on 7 lists basketball is an extreme sport

Why is helicopter skiing considered an extreme sport?

For a few reasons helicopter skiing is considered an extreme sport. One of which includes the fact that the skier freerides on very high terrain where no trails can be found. Thick snow requires strong legs and good skills.

What equipment do you use in weight boarding?

There is no such sport as weight boarding. In wake boarding you use a smaller version of a surfboard that typically has an ankle strap attached to it.

Did Brad Pitt have a snow boarding accident recently?


Who is the snow boarding world champion?

Shawn White

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