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Q: Is skyzoo the father of sharlee jeter's baby?
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What is sharlee jeter's baby's name?


Is Derek Jeter's sister still living?

He has one sister 5 years younger than him, her name is Sharlee. She was a softball star in High School.

Who is the father of grace's baby?

Leo is the father of Grace's baby on the show "Will & Grace."

Does Bella's father get to see her baby?

Yes Bella's father gets to see the baby!

Who is father of scarlet ortiz baby?

The father of Scarlet Ortiz baby is Yul Burkle

Who is the real father of Sharons baby on young and the restless?

Nick is the father of Sharon's baby.

Who is the father of Aeryn Sun's baby?

I think john is the father of aeryn sun baby

How do you tell the father of your baby that he is not the father?

you just say honey you are not the father of my baby and i'mso sorry your not but you can still take care of it

Who is the father of mya Harrison baby?

She does not have a baby!

What can happen if a mother of a baby doesn't let the biological father see the baby?

the father and mother get divorce and mother fight father so he doesnt see the baby

What is a father of a newborn baby called?

a father.

Is Edward Cullen the father of Bella Swan's baby?

Yes. Edward is the father of Bella's baby.