Is skydiving safe

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Skydiving in any form carries an element of risk, but it is much lower than many people think.

For a tandem jump, which is the most common way to start skydiving or just to do a one of jump, safety is very good. Injures are rare and fatalities are even rarer. The injury rate is about 1 in 700 and the fatality rate is about 1 in 300,000. This is the safest way to skydive. You can increase the safety of the jump by going to a reputable dropzone, paying attention to and following the instructions that the tandem instructor gives you, and being in good health and not overweight. If you can do all of these, your chances of injury or death are massively reduced further.

Many people ask, 'What if the parachute doesn't open?' This is very rare, about 1 in 1000 openings are not good enough. The main parachute will be cut away and the reserve will be opened, usually automatically. On a tandem jump, the instructor will handle all of this. Another question people ask is, 'What if the reserve doesn't open?' While there is no guarantee that the reserve will open perfectly, it is required by law to be packed by a professional with lots of experience. Reserve parachutes are also built and deployed to be more reliable. All this makes the chance of a double malfunction very unlikely.

Most injuries and deaths are the result of hard impacts with the ground under a working parachute, and are caused by the skydiver making a mistake.

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Q: Is skydiving safe
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Skydiving after any major surgery, such as a mastectomy, is safe once the body is healed completely. Consult your doctor to be sure your body is healed enough to handle the stress skydiving can place on the body. Be sure to inform your instructors at the drop zone where you plan to make your skydive.

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