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Skiing is a popular sport in Andorra.

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Q: Is skiing the national sports of Andorra?
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What sports and activities are done in Andorra?

Snow mobile and skiing

What are Andorra's national sports?

Rugby union, figure ice skating, futsal, skiing, tennis, soccer, and ice hockey.

National sports in austria?


How are the landmarks and physical features important to Andorra?

they are tourist attractions The principal physical feature of Andorra would be the Pyrenees Mountains. They have influenced Andorra's history (hard to invade) and sports (skiing, anyone?)

What is the national sport of andorra?

Many are now suggesting that rugby in Andorra has grown to such an extent that it has now become the tiny nation's national sports.

Why do millions of tourists flock to Andorra?

Andorra has tax free shopping and skiing.

What is Andorra famous for?

Skiing and as a tax haven.

What is Andorra known for?

It is known for skiing and shopping.

Two Canadian national sports?

Hockey and snowboarding, skiing, winter sports like that stuff

Where could one find information about skiing holidays in Andorra?

Check sites like Trip Advisor for information on skiing holidays in Andorra.

What is the national costume of Andorra?

what is the national costume of Andorra

How does skiing help you with sports?

skiing is a sport

What to do in Andorra?

Most visitors go there for the tax-free shopping and the skiing.

How is water skiing and snow skiing alike?

they are both sports

What is Andorra's state flower?

Andorra currently has no national flower to represent it.

What sports are played in Andorra?

Football (soccer)

What are examples of Christmas sports?


What sports does Italy have?

soccer and skiing

What sports is Austria famous for?


What are the sports in which integers are used?


What sports has Norway invented?


What is boatingswimming and skiing?

they are water sports

Is Andorra in the south of the US?

No. Andorra is not to the south of the US; in fact, it is not near the US at all. Andorra is a small country-- a "principality," located between France and Spain in Europe. It is known for being a great place to go skiing.

What sports do Marylanders play in Maryland?

Maryland's sports are lacrosse,fishing,sailing,hiking,snow skiing,and water skiing.

A skiing area between France and Spain?

Grand Valira in Andorra. 200 km of piste.