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in the Olympics there is both a team and individual event

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Q: Is ski jumping a team compation or an individual sport?
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What is the equestrian sport in the Olympics?

Medals are awards in six events ... Individual and Team Dressage, Individual and Team Eventing, and Individual and Team Jumping.

What is an individual sport comparing runjump and theow skills?

Running,jumping, and throwing are all part of a team sport. An individual sport is where you do it by yourself.

Is nordic combined a team sport or two people or an individual sport.?

This is an individual sport. It is half ski jumping and half cross country.

Is baseball a team sport or an individual sport?


Is trampolinig a team or individual sport?

It Is More Of A Individual Sport Than Not,But Some Time's It Is A Team Sport.

Is curling an individual sport or a team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

Is boxing an individual or a team sport?

Boxing is an individual sport.

Is bobslidding an individual or team sport?

Bobsleigh is an individual sport.

Is curling an individual or team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

Is judo an individual or team sport?


Is curling an individual game or a team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

How many equestrian events are there in the olympic games?

Six ... individual and team dressage, individual and team eventing, and individual and team jumping.

Is squash ateam or an individual sport?

It can be played both an individual sport (singles) and a team sport (doubles)

What is the difference between a group team sport and an individual team sport?

A group team sport has more than 1 peson in the team and individual is only 1 person

What is the correct definiton for individual team sport?

Team sport is a group of people who compete together to win. Individual sport is when the competition is 1 vs 1. Individual team sport is when two people compete against each other to win a point or match for their team. Tennis is an individual sport but it becomes a team sport when multiple individuals come together.

Is it racquetball a team spot or an individual sport?


Is table tennis a team sport?

It can be either a team sport or played by an individual.

Is rowing a team sport?

In the sport of rowing, you can have both team and individual events.

Is Olympic cycling a team sport?

cycling in the Olympics is individual and a team sport.

What kind of horse riding is there in the 2008 summer Olympics?

Individual and team show jumping, individual and team eventing, and individual and team dressage.

Difference between group team sport and individual team sport?

A team sport involved playing a sport with teammates such as baseball and socccer, because there are other people on your team. An individual sport like golf or singles tennis is just you playing by yourself against another individual.

Is discus throw an individual dual or team sport?

The disus throw is an individual sport.

Is horse shoe an individual sport or a team sport?

No. It is not a sport or a team sport. But lots of people like to play it and say its a sport. :)

Is basketball a team sport or individual sport?

Basketball is a team sport. There are five players, per team, on the court at the same time.

Is boxing a team or an individual sport?