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For ice and in-line hockey it is.

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Q: Is skating the most important thing in hockey?
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Where can you go skating?

at most hockey rink

What are the fundamentals of ice hockey?

For a player, the fundamentals are skating, passing, shooting, and puck-handling. Out of those four, I think the most important are skating and puck-handling.

What is the most important basic movement skill in ice skating?

, To answer you question the most omportant basic movement skill in ice skating speed or skating skills. Foot: Foot movement has to do with your SKATES and FEET. This results in most things hockey has to do with. Speed. With out speed you can play hockey, but you have to have some great skating skills for positioning. Positioning: Positioning is another must have to play hockey. Without positioning you would be out of position during a play.

What is the kids most expensive sport to play?

Horse riding or Figure skating/hockey

Figure skating movies online?

one of the most recent figure skating movies is called Ice Princess. There is also a movie called Go Figure about figure skating and hockey.

What are the most popular Olympic sport?

the most popular sports are halfpipe,skeleton(luge),hockey, and figure skating.

What is the most interesting thing about Figure Skating?


How popular is short track speed skating?

Verry. Most people will know what your talking about when you talk about speed skating. but it's nothing like Hockey in Canada.

Which olympic sport uses the most energy and burns the most calories?

Hockey, 5000m speed skating and long crosscountry skiing

What is the most important piece of equipment for playing field hockey?

The hockey stick

What are the favorite Canadian winter sports?

Hockey, Figure Skating, Curling, Ice-Fishing, Skiing. Typical winter sports mostly. Most Favourite though....Hockey.

Is figure skating a Canadian sport?

Yes, but the national sport is lacrosse; however, most people believe ice hockey is.

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