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no. i believe the official size is size 5.

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8 Yards wide and 8 ft high.

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Q: Is size 4 the official size of soccer?
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Official US size soccer field?

120 yards by 60

What is the correct size for a soccer?

The official size for a soccer ball is Size 5, which is the standard size used in professional matches and for players aged 12 and above. However, smaller sizes like Size 4 and Size 3 are used for younger age groups.

What is the recommended psi and weight of a size 3 soccer ball?

The recommended psi of a size 3 soccer ball is 8-10 lbs. I am not sure of the weight.

What size soccer balls go the fastest?

Size 4

What is the ball size for u11 soccer?

Size 5

What size soccer ball for 5 year old?

size 4

When do you switch to size 5 soccer ball?

when you suck with a size 2,3 or 4

What is the diamiter of a size 4 soccer ball?

5.73"- 8.28", diameter depends on size.

If you are 5 feet 4 inches what size of soccer jerseys?

size 12-16

Which soccer ball size is easier to catch for a goalie a size 3 or a size 4?

Size 4 is much easier to catch because it is larger and easier to cradle. Size 3 soccer balls are very small and less predictable when toe poked.

Which soccer ball size is easier for a keeper to catch a size 4 or size 5?

it is easier to follow and bat away a size 5 but easier to catch a size 4

What size soccer ball for a 5 year old?

The rules of soccer say that a size 5 ball must have a circumstance of 69 cm. Dividing 69 by 3.14 gives you 22 cm or roughly 8 inches.