Is sex better from the front or back?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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This can only be down to your personal preference.

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Q: Is sex better from the front or back?
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Would the front of the ship or back of the ship be better?

Generally the center or middle of the ship is better. The back is better than the front but not better then the center.

What is better a front crawl or a back stroke?

back stroke

What does pink or brown means in sex?

Pink is the front. Brown is the back. On a woman, that is...

What is better to wipe your butt front or back?

Wipe to the back. Wiping to the front can bring bacteria to the genital region.

Is it better from the front or back?

Totally depends on the person.

Is it better to have front pegs or back pegs on a bmx bike?

Its best to have the pegs on front and the back i have mine on the right side

Is the penis inserted in the back hole or front hole?

Hahahahahahaha, someone has no life. :) but yes, it is the front hole. the back is the anus.

How can sex be better?

Besides books. Learn about your partner. Ask and explore with your partner to learn their wants and needs. Wants you play around, and be up front and honest with what you both like, the sex will be better.

Is it better to carry heavy loads on straps in front or behind you?

in front because you may hurt your back if you carry loads on your back

What is a lesbein?

when you like a girl and she likes u back u become a lesbein. then u to have sex, get marryed have children have sex again and then u have sex in front of ur friends

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Back wheel drive

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you mount the turbo next to the engine