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Q: Is scoring in badminton subjective or objective?
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What is objective scoring?

objective scoring means that you win a sport by scoring most goals!

Is the scoring system in badminton called rally scoring?


What is meant by subjective scoring?

Subjective scoring is when you get judged by judges e.g. gymnastics, diving, trampolining

What are the 2 pronouns that can subjective or objective?

Pronouns that can be objective or subjective are you, it, here, and where.

What is the difference between subjective scoring and objective scoring?

these are two completely different ways on deciding the end results of a game.OBJECTIVE SCORING: this relies on how well you do in a game, who wins the most points before time has ran out or until the games end it purly relies on your perfomance.SUBJECTIVE SCORING: however this relies on the opinion of a judge they decide how well you do then they mark your perfomance.examples of objective scoring:badmintonhockeyfootballvolleyballbasketballGOLF- this however relies on the LEAST amounts of points you get is who wins.examples of subjective scoring:gymnasticsyncronhised swimmingice skatingsnow boardingskate boardingetc.(:

Find out about the objective and subjective determinants consumption?

subjective and objective determinants of consumption

What difference between objective and subjective morality?

Subjective is the fact and objective is your opinion

What is the difference between subjective and objective feedback?

Subjective is opinions and objective is facts.

What is objective scoring systems in PE?

The objective of a scoring system is that to know who is winning and who is loosing.

Is whom possessive subjective or objective?


Is nausea subjective or objective data?


Is intent in torts objective or subjective?

It can be both objective or subjective. Should have known, vs. Did know