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Q: Is scoring in badminton subjective or objective?
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What is badminton scoring?

badminton is scoring points like in tennis or like in cricket

What is objective scoring?

objective scoring means that you win a sport by scoring most goals!

What is meant by subjective scoring?

Subjective scoring is when you get judged by judges e.g. gymnastics, diving, trampolining

What are the 2 pronouns that can subjective or objective?

Pronouns that can be objective or subjective are you, it, here, and where.

When do you use the word whom instead of who in a sentence?

Who is the subjective form and whom is the objective, similar to... I is subjective; me is objective. He is subjective; him is objective. They is subjective; them is objective. We is subjective; us is objective. However, the word whom has been falling out of use, and it has been becoming more acceptable to use who in the objective case.

Is the scoring system in badminton called rally scoring?


What difference between objective and subjective morality?

Subjective is the fact and objective is your opinion

What is the difference between subjective and objective feedback?

Subjective is opinions and objective is facts.

Find out about the objective and subjective determinants consumption?

subjective and objective determinants of consumption

Is whom possessive subjective or objective?


What is the difference between objective writing and subjective?

what is the difference between subjective and objective writing

What is objective scoring systems in PE?

The objective of a scoring system is that to know who is winning and who is loosing.

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