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Both will do fine

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Q: Is sand better to use for a basketball goal or water?
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What to fill a leaking portable basketball goal with it's filled with water now?

Sand is usually used.

Why does Clay absorb water better than topsoil and Sand?

It doesn't. Topsoil absorbs water better than sand and clay.

Do plant grow better in clay or sand?

plants that like water grow better in clay and plant that don't like water grow better in sand. like cactus

Does sand work better that salt at freezing water?


Does sand or dirt soak up water better?

it is DIRT

Why is quartz sand a better tool of wind and water erosion than gypsum sand or calcite sand?

Simply put, Quartz is harder.

Why firefighters do not use sand to put out fires?

Because water is better to use to put out fires than sand.

what is a better example of a compound gold iodine sand or water?


Can you use water on wood fires?

you could,but it'd be better to use sand

How come water passes through sand better than clay?

because sand has small grains and allows water to travel through it. Clay has smaller grains than sand and doesn't allow water to travel through it quickly.

Does salt water or fresh water filter sand gravel soil and pebbles better and why?

Water does not filter particles: it is the other way around. Pebbles, gravel, and sand are used to filter water, with the smallest particle size (sand) filtering the most particulates from the water, whether it is salt water or fresh water.

How do you remove sand from a portable basketball hoop?

To remove the sand from the portable basketball hoop, first see if the pole will come out of the bottom stand where the sand is. If the pole will not come out, drill two holes in the bottom of the stand and let the sand run out.