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It is difficult to start but once you learn is very easy to jump into any boat and sail. It is a lifetime sport or leisure.

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Q: Is sailing difficult to learn
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What website can you learn about sailing?

you can go to google

Where can one go to take sailing courses?

If one wants to learn how to sail one can learn from sailing courses. Off Shore Sailing is a Sailing School that has been operating since 1964. There are various courses available including ones suitable for the novice. One can apply online by submitting the form and details on experience of sailing.

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Where can one learn the basics of catamaran sailing?

There are different places where you can take catamaran sailing lessons but this depends where you live. If you live or live close to Rockland, Maine, you can go to 'The Apprentice Shop'. You can also learn at Tortola, British Virgin Islands or at Ft. Myers Beach, Florida at 'Steve and Doris Colgate's Offshore Sailing School'. There are different places where you can learn, all depends where you want to go or willing to go to learn sailing.

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How can I learn to sail the Atlantic?

By taking the appropriate lessons at a recognised sailing school

I want to know if sailing school helps people more than just being on a boat.?

No matter the school, you will be amazed at all the things you learn in sailing school. Some of the sailing schools offer you the ability to take the boat out after the lesson and test what you have learn and sail without the instructor after you have finished your initial lessons.

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How can one learn to pilot a catamaran sail boat?

There are many places where a person can learn how to pilot a catamaran sail boat. A person could read a book on the subject about catamaran sailing. Also, the internet has many sites dedicated to catamaran sailing where someone could learn how to operate one.

Where can I find some sailing lessons?

Sailing lessons can usually be found locally in your town. Asking around would probably get you your answer. Not knowing the state you live in, it's difficult to give you an answer.

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What organization provides a list of certified sailing facilities where someone can learn to sail in each state?

The "American Sailing Association" provides a list of all certified sailing facilities throughout the United States. By using this list everyone should be able to find suitable sailing facilities in the near.

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