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Basically Rugby is played in India. It has no similar types of sport which handles the ball, tackles, scrummages and kick in the same manner

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Q: Is rugby similar to any game played in India?
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Is rugby only a European game?

Not at all the game is played in most African countries, Japan and India

What is the sport of rugby is most similar to which American sport?

The game of rugby is most similar to the American game of football. In both games there is a ball, running with the ball, and kicking the ball. Rugby is played in more nations than is American style football. Rugby is, however, a sport played in most US colleges & universities.

What is the most common game played in England?

Rugby Rugby

Is football only played in the US?

Yes, football is only played in the US. Countries in Europe and Asia play a game similar to it called rugby

What do brtish people call football?

A game played with a round ball and played largely using feet. USA calls the game played with an oval ball and largely using hands as football, a possible misnomer. A similar game in britain is called 'rugby'.

What other countries are known in history of playing a similar game as rugby?

The US plays a game called American Football (often called "Football") that is similar to rugby in many aspects. The Irish have Gaelic Football again it has slight similarities to Rugby

Where in the United Kingdom was rugby formed?

The game was named after Rugby School where it was first played.

What is Rugby Basketball?

Rugby basketball is probably a modified game mixing rugby and basketball. I haven't played it but it sounds weird.

What is the duration of rugby game?

The standard rugby union game is played in two half's of 40 mins, totaling 80 mins

What country is rugby played in?

The game of rugby (in both codes) is now word wide with 0ver 90 countries taking part in the game

What was the first game to be played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground?


What is a famous game played in Ireland?

Golf ,soccer and Rugby.