Is ribery a Muslim

Updated: 10/24/2022
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yes he and his family are muslims

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Q: Is ribery a Muslim
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What is franck ribery religion?

Frank Ribery France international and bayern Munich footballer Is definatly a Muslim.

Is frank ribry Muslim?

Yes Frank Ribery is converted to Islam.

Is frank ribery a Muslim or not?

Yes Franck Ribery is 100% Muslim He is, because his mum or dad is Muslim and he also follows that religion and prays before games I don't know about that his parent but i saw a picture of him with Bayern Munich teamate at beer festival? Muslims are not allowed to drink or be anywhere near Alcohol.. He was also holding a large beer cup.

Are there any Muslim football players?

Nicolas anelka,van persie,solomon kalou,frank ribery etc

What foot does Franck Ribery use?

Franck Ribery uses his right foot.

What is frank ribery's kit number?

Frank Ribery's kit number is 7.

Does frank ribery smoke?

Frank Ribery is best known for being a football player from the country of France. Due to the nature of his professional, Frank Ribery does not smoke cigarettes.

Who is better robinho or ribery?

Hard to say, but it is probably Ribery on current form. Although it is a matter of opinion.

Where does franck ribery live?

Franck Ribery is a french footballer, but he plays his club football at bayern Munich.

Is Henry thiery a Muslim?

Well, I´m not 100% sure, but I believe, that he spoke in the interview about Islam, after Ribery, Anelka and Abidal converted to Islam, but he said, that Islam wakes his interess, but didn´t convert yet. And I have also seen the tatoo on his body...few weeks ago. I don´t think, that Henry is a muslim.

Who are the famous Muslims players?

Demba Ba, Pappis Cisse, Hatem Ben Arfa, Samir Nasri, Nicolas Anelka, Franck Ribery are a few famous Muslim Football players

Who are some famous Muslim athletes 2012?

wayne parnell, hashim amla, irfan pathan, yusuf pathan, eric abidal,samir nasri, frank ribery, van persie,