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yes it is it was recognised as a sport in 1997.

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What was Martin Luther King Jr's favorite sport?


What sport is a mixture of map reading and cross country running?


What are the main school subjects?

Depends if you are talking about primary, in primary there are mostly Reading Maths Spelling Writing Art Sport

What between sport and recreation?

Assuming you're asking for 'the difference between'.. Sport is a form of exercise - usually with a specific purpose. Recreation is any activity (including sport !). that is not paid. For example - reading, cooking, pottery, cycling and playing board games - are all recreational activities.

What are some interests that JFK had?

He Loved sports. his favorite sport in particular was football. He also had a great interest in history, English, and reading.

What does ssr mean?

In cars I believe it means Super Sport Roadster. Yeah, and in my school it means Sustained Silent Reading xDD

What do the children in England enjoy doing?

Weird question, we aren't aliens. Sport, Gaming, Reading, TV oh and eating and sleeping are pretty good too.

Sample book slogans?

You could also use some of the following:Time for readingReading is the next best thing to ....Switch on to readingI'm a bookwormSssh! I'm readingDive into a bookI'm out of this world - I'm reading!Enter a different world - read!Enjoy a book- get reading!I've got my head in a bookHave you chosen a good book?R is for reading54321 READ!Ready, steady, READ!Reading is fun!I heart reading!Reading is cool!Reading forever!I heart 2 read!I support reading united!Sport for eyesv- reading!Make friends with a book!What's inside your book?Born to readI'm off to see the world - read!I'm on on safari - read!Travel to the stars - read!I'm ready for reading!Feast your eyes on a good book!On your marks, get set, READ!BookwormTime to ride a bookTake a lift onto a bookReading Rocksread,Read,READ!

What makes sport a sport?

the type of sport that the sport is

What sports is best for asthmatics to do?

You should try to stay away from athletic sports and stick with hobbies like, chess, or reading. Whatever suits you can be considered a sport if you want it to be.

What do New Zealand do for entertainment?

Reading (there are plenty of free libraries), sport, Tv, movies, Theatre, Musical concerts, and at the local pub level there are many local artists.

What sport is biathlon a summer sport or winter sport?

Winter sport

What was Judy Garlands favorite sport?

She is not known to have been a sports fan. She did a lot of reading and was surprisingly quite interested in the Romanov saga, the book Nicholas and Alexandra then growing in popularity.

Is it do sport or watch sport?

It can be both. If you are playing a sport for a team. Then you are doing a sport. If you just sitting on your sofa, you are watching a sport.

Is darts a sport or game?

darts is a sport

Is horse shoe an individual sport or a team sport?

No. It is not a sport or a team sport. But lots of people like to play it and say its a sport. :)

What games do the French play?

Cricket is a popular sport game the French enjoy in addition to Polo and Rugby. Otherwise, the regular citizens enjoy card games such as French tarot reading.

What subjects did Ancient Greeks study?

Ancient Athenians learnt Writing Mathematics Reading History Public Speaking Music Poetry and Sport Most of what we learned came from the ancient greeks

What is the main sport in county Cork?

Hurling is the main sport in Cork.Hurling is the main sport in Cork.Hurling is the main sport in Cork.Hurling is the main sport in Cork.Hurling is the main sport in Cork.Hurling is the main sport in Cork.Hurling is the main sport in Cork.Hurling is the main sport in Cork.Hurling is the main sport in Cork.Hurling is the main sport in Cork.Hurling is the main sport in Cork.

What is the french word for sport?

You say sport in french the same way you spell sport: Sport

How can you better your vocabulary?

reading , reading and reading.

What is loud reading and silent reading?

Loud reading is talking outloud to read it. Silent reading is reading it in your head.

What are the 3 types of reading?

Guided reading, shared reading, fluency reading, Independent reading, and reading aloud

What kind of sport is boxing?

combat sport or combative sport

The meaning of planning in a sport with a sport meaning?

Planning in a sport.

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