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i think he is becuase his name nadal and this name for muslim and his in the arabic


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Oh no Raul the former real Madrid captain now playing in Germany is a catholic.

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Q: Is raul from spanish football team a Muslim?
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What players in the Spanish football team?

Casillas- raul- pique- poyul

What is Raul Gonzalez famous for?

Raul Gonzalez is a Spanish international footballer. He scored numerous goals for the team Real Madrid and he has been with this team for a long time. He is now playing with a German football team.

Who do raul play for now football team?

I think its shalke

What country is the soccer team Raul from?

If you are referring to Raul the former Real Madrid forward then he is Spanish

Is there any Muslim in Brazil football team?

Kaka,Fred and Dani Alves are Muslim players in Brazil Football Team. n_n

Which country does Raul play football for?

He plays for the Al Sadd team for Qatar.

Is raul gonzalez captain for the Spain soccer team?

No, he is no longer captain, Iker Casillas is. Raul retired from international football in 2006.

Who was Spain's football team captain in 2004?

It was the famous Real Madrid player Raul.

Is Fred from Brazilian football team Muslim?

Fred does identify himself as a Muslim.

Which spanish team does raul Gonzalez blanco play?

Raul is number 7 for Real Madrid in spain. he is a striker along with Ruud VanNistelroy

What Spanish football team wears black and yellow?

It is the Spanish National Team.

What is nearest spanish football team to malaga?

It is the Malaga team.