Is randy ortan married

Updated: 9/27/2023
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yes he is married to a women named sammatha ortan.they both have a 1 year old baby girl

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rebecca Randy's wife's name is Samantha. HBKs wife is Rebecca

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Q: Is randy ortan married
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Is randy ortan single?

No he is happily married to Samantha and they have a daughter

Is randy ortan date to kelly kelly?

No Cm Punk would beat him to a living pulp. Randy ortan is not dating her because Cm Punk is married to her.

Is randy ortan married and to who?

Yes, he is married his wife's name is Samatha and they have a little girl.

Did kelly kelly kiss randy ortan?

No. Randy Orton is happily married and is not in any relationship with Kelly

Is randy ortan still went his wife?

Yes, Randy and Samatha are still very happily married

Is Randy Fenoli married to a woman?

Randy Fenoli is a bridal fashion designer. He is married to a lovely woman named Sammatha Ortan well Fenoli now.

Who would win batista or randy ortan?

batista could take randy ortan and his group on and win

How many times did hbk superkick randy ortan?

none randy ortan pinned him before he had a chance

Is kyle ortan and randy ortan related?

No, they aren't their last name always doesn't mean they have to be related. The only people who know that are whoever is in Randy Ortan's family.

Does randy ortan like Melina?

yes they are in love they had sex Whoever posted above me is wrong Randy is married to Samantha and Melina is woth Morrison

What state and city was WWE superstar randy ortan born in?

Randy Ortan was born in the state of Tennesee, and the city of Knoxville.

Who is stronger randy ortan or Matt haredy?

randy orton