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Q: Is pyrokinesis or berserkergangr better and why?
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Is pyrokinesis a psychic power?

Yes, Pyrokinesis is real. I've seen humans doing it with my own eyes. I can't exactly point out what examples of Pyrokinesis are out there.

How do you get pyrokinesis in vampire wars?

Give out gifts to your friends.

How does pyrokinesis it work?

Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate fire. There are some tecquinces to training in it... look some up on goggle. I can give a site about one tecquince, if you'd like me to.

What good websites can teach pyrokinesis that aren't fake?

Their are no websites that can prove pyrokinesis is real. However, some websites do teach how to use the technique, these websites are in the related links section.

What do you call the power to control fire?

The word for the power to control fire is "Pyrokinesis" - Pyrokinesis, derived from the Greek words ' (pûr/pyro meaning "fire, lightning") and ' (kínesis, meaning "motion".)

Is pyrokenisis real?

Pyrokinesis is the paranormal or legendary ability to control, ignite, and/or extinguish fire using only the mind. The word pyrokinesis comes from the Greek word for fire, "πυρ" (pir), and "κίνησις" (kínisis), movement, motion, a suffix that denotes movement. Pyrokinesis is often explained as the ability to excite the atoms in an object with the mind to a level that they ignite and burn.- If there is really someone who can perform this, he/she can win the Randi's Challenge. I certainly doubt that Pyrokinesis is true. see link "Randi's $1,000,000 Paranormal Challenge:

Is hydrokinesis real?

It definitely could be. It's at least as probable as pyrokinesis.

Does Pyrokinesis Exist?

Yes, Ask Ashely Hayday, from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Is pyrokinesis against Christianity?

Actually, Pyrokinesis is based upon the bible. In the book of Exodus, Moses talks to a burning bush (which was a corporeal representation of God). How do you think that bush caught fire? Another opinion: The Bible teaches against the use of occult arts of any kind, which would include pyrokinesis. The bush caught on fire by the power of God, not by any kind of psychic power.

Is pyrokinesis evil?

Pyrokinesis itself is not inherently evil or good. It is simply the ability to manipulate fire with the mind. It is how an individual chooses to use this ability that determines whether it is used for good or evil purposes.

What does telepyric mean?

Telepyric means to be able to start and end fires with your mind. AKA pyrokinesis.

How do you test pyrokinesis?

the simplest thing to do would be to ignite a candle, or see if you can make sparks, something like that.