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No. The "Miken Freak" is the best bat in the world.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-17 18:39:26
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Q: Is plasma fusion a good baseball bat?
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What website can you find the Rawlings Plasma baseball bat in 31 inches and 23 ounces?

baseball or

What website can you find the Rawlings Plasma baseball bat in 31 inches and 23 oz?

baseball or

How do you pick a baseball bat?

Basically, you pick which ever bat feels good for you, make sure that the bat is a good sized for you, and then you are ready to play baseball.

What website can you find the Rawlings Plasma baseball bat in 31 inches anf 23 ounces?

baseball or

What is the best way to bat?

With a baseball bat, baseball gloves, your arms and hands, and good focus eyes.

How do you tell if a baseball bat is good?

by the reviews

What baseball bat did Spalding offer?

A division of Spalding was set to introduce the Fusion bat; a composite of aluminum and graphite, it was supposed to provide a lighter, faster swing.

Is a demarini nitro a good baseball bat?

no not really

How do you choose a good baseball bat?

By the price if you're a cheapo

Is axe a good little league baseball bat?

The Baden Axe is my 9 year olds treasured bat. YES great bat

Is the Rawlings Plasma Alloy Baseball Bat composite?

Barrel: Liquidmetal®Frame: Cre Alloy-The bat hits the ball very well with TONS of pop, but it dents VERY easily.

Is the baseball term at bat or at the bat?

its at bat

What color will the November Easton XL1 baseball bat be?

it will be really good

Is the demarini black coyote a good baseball bat?

yes it is great

How much is a baseball bat?

Baseball bat prices will depend based on which bat you get and what size the bat is. Baseball bats can go from $50 all the way up to the current most expensive adult (-3) baseball bat which is $700. My suggestion is that you find out what size you need and then go to websites like, , , or visit your local Sporting Goods Store for that baseball bat. Good Luck!!!

In Twilight who's really good at spinning a baseball bat?

it is jasper in the movie in the baseball scene

What does a Major League Baseball baseball bat cost?

A baseball and a bat cost $24. If the bat costs $10 more than the baseball, what is the cost of the bat (in $)?

Is a combat baseball bat a good one?

Yes Combats are good bats. I have a friend who has the B1 and the ball flies off of it. The Virus is also a good bat. You should get it.

History of the baseball bat?

The baseball bat is made out of strong aluminum metal or maple wood. The baseball bat was designed to have a handle bar and a sweet spot. In an aluminum bat, it has electric tape, so when you hit it good or bad it won't sting as much. People came up with batting gloves to prevent stinginess with any bat. That's the history of a baseball bat.

How was the baseball bat invented?

how was the baseball bat originally invented

Describe how a baseball bat is a lever?

how is a baseball bat a lever???

What is the constant when a bat hit a baseball?

The mass of the bat and the baseball.

Where can you find a tip for a baseball bat?

be more specific about the bat you are looking for (eg. wood or metal, softball or baseball, youth or adult.) a lot of good info on the web if you Google what you want. good luck!

Which one is better a tpx Triton baseball bat or a easton stealth baseball bat?

TPX Triton Probably the Triton but the '08 stealth is still pretty good.

Where would one purchase a baseball bat display?

Someone can purchase a baseball bat display at any sporting goods store. Dicks is a good place to look for a baseball bat display. Also, retail stores like Walmart and Target have sporting goods departments that may sell baseball bat displays.