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There's no such thing as a par 2 unless your playing minigolf.

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2011-07-07 02:41:26
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Q: Is pitch and putt par 3 or par 2?
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Is pitch and putt the same as a par 3 golf course?

Yes they are the same game since all you can do is pitch the ball on the green due to short yardage and then putt to finish. holes are par three only Steve Allies Edmomton

How do you calculate your handicap in pitch and putt?

There is really no need for one. But do 3 rounds, then divide the total number of shots over par by 3 and that is your handicap.

Is there fairway on a par 3 at golf?

Usually, although for a Par 3 hole, it may be quite short as the idea is to get "on" in one and two putt.

What does hitting a green mean in golf?

Hitting the green in regulation means your ball is on the green ( not the fringe or rough) In the number of strokes that allows you to two - putt for par . One on a par 5 that's 3 strokes ,on par 4 it is 2 strokes and on par 3 it is 1 stroke

Has anyone made an eagle on a par 3 par 4 and par 5 in the same day 27 holes I did it today par 3 was 122 yards par 4 was 331 yards 15foot putt and par 5 was 485 yards uphill 15 foot putt?

Although it is a great achievement, I have heard of someone doing it at a local club. So yes, someone has achieved it before you.

Define the following terms Par Bogey Birdie Drive Approach Putt Falling Putt?

Par is the set score for a hole or course. Holes are either par 3, 4 or 5. Par for a course usually ranges from 69-73. Bogey is one over par for a given hole. Birdie is one under par for a given hole. Drive is a tee shot, how you start most holes, usually with a driver. Approach is the shot you hit towards the green, usually from the fairway or rough as your second shot. Putt is where you roll the ball with the putter into or towards the hole. Falling putt is rarely used, it is a putt that breaks.

How do you sneak goodnites in your house?

1. putt them in a different box 2. putt them in a trash bag 3. you could open a window and putt them in side that way

What is a par birdieeagle etc?

If a hole is par 5 for instance, that means it should take 5 shots to putt the ball. a birdie is 1 under parr "4 shots on a parr 5 hole" an eagle is 2 under parr "3 shots on a parr 5 hole" and an albertross is 3 under parr "2 shots on a parr five hole"

In golf what is an egale?

It is when you get 2 strokes below par on 1 hole. For example 3 on a par 5 or 2 on a par 4

How do you open the brief case on pupzzle?

you putt the code in 5 3 2 1 2 1 3

Describe a birdie in golf?

In golf a birdie is one under par on a given hole. So a 2 on a par 3, 3 on a par 4 and 4 on a par 5.

How many throws do you get in shot putt?

you get 3 throws in a shot putt

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