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Q: Is pine tar safe to put directly on open wounds?
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Is liquid dial soap safe to put on open wounds?


Is it safe to swim in a lake with an open wound?

NO! Its not even safe to swin in a swimming pool with an open wounds. Lakes hold billions of bacteria, So i wouldn't advise it.

Is sea water safe for wounds?

no its not safe

Is it safe to put blonde hair dye on scars?

As long as there are no open wounds on the scalp, it is safe to apply hair color. If the wounds are open, you will need to wait until they are completely healed prior to doing a color service (or any type of chemical service for that matter!). This will ensure that no chemical will enter the bloodstream and cause a possible infection.

Is it safe to use Pine-Sol cleaner on my hardwood floors?

Pine-Sol cleaner is safe to use on any sealed surface.

When burning hemlock on an open pit outdoors is it safe to roast hot dogs or bake a potaote in it?

Yes, it is safe to roast hot dogs or bake potatoes when burning hemlock on an open pit outdoors. Examples of hemlock include pine, spruce and other evergreen trees.

When burning hemlock on an open pit outdoors is it safe to roast hot dogs or bake a potatoes in it?

If you are burning hemlock on an open pit outdoors, it is safe to bake potatoes or roast hot dogs over the fire. Spruce, pine and other evergreen trees are examples of hemlock.

Do rabbits live in pine forests?

No, they prefer to live in open spaces, like meadows, mountains and open fields as they can graze, and see predators coming etc. Pine forests are usually dark and thus not much grass grows on its floors, but if you see a rabbit in a forest it is more likely a deciduous forest.

Are pine cages safe for ferrets?

Ferrets may suffer respiratory illness or allergies from pine or wood products

Why do the people at pine cove have funny names?

To make the trip to Pine Cove fun for the kids and to keep their identity safe.

Why do people at pine cove have funny names?

Because it is fun for the kids when they go to pine cove also to keep their identy safe

Is antibiotic oinment good for cropped ears on dogs?

Antibiotic ointment is usually safe for dogs. On clipped ears you can use it if there is no infection or open wounds. If these are present, you should take them to the Vet to get proper care and medication.