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PBS is an outdoors stadium; no roof, no retractable dome

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Q: Is paul brown stadium outside or covered?
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When was Paul Brown Stadium created?

Paul Brown Stadium was created in 2000.

How many rows are in section 131 at paul brown stadium?

Paul Brown Stadium has a seating capacity of 65,535 people.

How many people does paul brown stadium hold?

The Paul Brown Stadium is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. This stadium is built for games of American football and is the home of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Where did the Cincinnati Bengals play before Paul Brown Stadium?

Riverfront Stadium

What is the name of the stadium where the Cincinnati Bengals play?

Arrowhead Stadium.

Where do the Indiana colts practice?

The Bengals practice at a 50 yard practice field outside of the actual paul brown stadium where they play their home games

Where can you watch a Cincinnati Bengals game live?

On CBS or at Paul Brown Stadium.

Where is Brown stadium?

Browns Stadium is located along the shore of Lake Erie in Cleveland , But If your asking about Paul Brown Stadium of the Cincinnati Bengals it is located next to The Great American Ballpark of the Cincinnati Reds and the Ohio River in Cincinnati.

Where do the Cincinnati Reds players live?

The Cincinnati Bengals play in Paul Brown Stadium. The stadium opened in 2000, and is named after the founder of the Cincinnati Bengals, Paul Brown. The stadium has a turf field, and a capacity of over 65,500 guests.

How is view at Cincinnati Bengals stadium Section 108 row 10?

Click the following link for an interactive view of Paul Brown Stadium. Click on any section of the stadium for a view of the field

What colors were the 1959 Les Paul guitars?

They were usually red-brown on the outside, and yellowish-brown in the center. Some were brown-yellow, red, or black and red.

Is view good for football game at Paul Brown stadium in Cincinnati Section 108 10th row behind Bengals bench?

Yes, go to and click on the stadium tab for an interactive view.