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Paton Manning was born Alaska and his brother was born in Hawaii and he is not the best QB Tom Brady IS THE BEST QB

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Q: Is paton manning the best qb in the NFL?
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Who do you think is the best QB in the NFL this season?

eli manning

Who is the best NFL QB in 2009?

Peyton manning of the Indianapolis colts

Who is the best QB now playing in the NFL?

Tom Brady is a decent Qb, but the best are Peyton Manning and Tony Romo

Is Tom Brady the best QB in the NFL right know?

no Peyton manning is

What QB has the best accuracy in the NFL?

Peyton manning he can put it in anyones hands

Who is the Greatest NFL QB?

Peyton manning

Smallest NFL qb?

Eli manning

Is Brett Favre the best quarterback in the NFL?

Ever or right now? I believe the best QB in football right now is Peyton Manning and the best QB ever is Joe Montana.

Who is the worst QB in the NFL right now?

Eli Manning

Who has the best QB in the NFL in 2010?

Statically Drew Brees but by consistency Peyton Manning. and tom brady sucks

The best QB in history?

Tony Romo, not only sucks, but is obviously not the best. Peyton Manning of the Colts is by far the best quarterback in NFL history.

Whose the best qb in the nfl today?

Tom Brady,Peyton Manning,Aaron Rodgers,Brett Farve, and Drew Brees