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Both. It depends on how you paint it xD

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Q: Is painting real Jordan shoes legit or is it bad?
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Are the shoes on Salekc real?

Shoes on sale in KC are real. The shoes that are on sale are the Air Jordan's.

Are the shoes Jordan Flight 9 real or not?


Are shoes from the website Jordan shoes locker real?

They look real, but they are not. I purchased from them myself. Waste of $130. they are not real.

What website sell real Jordan's? is a great and legit website. but they haven't restocked in a while now. i reccomenned it

What are some real Jordan shoe sites?

i got air Jordan shoes from easternjordancom, they look good, price is quite cheap.

What are major problems with Air Jordan shoes?

the only real major problem is water and growing out of them

Does mysolegame sells real shoes?

No, I ordered Jordan's and the logo is coming off. I'm so upset!

Cheap Jordan shoes?

Nike Air Jordan's, are shoes made in the name of the legendary Basketball player Michael Jordan. If they are real, then they won't be found at much of a discount anywhere. The website with the biggest selection on sale is WeeReplica.

Is legit good or bad?

"Legit" is short for"legitimate," which means real, actual, or true.

Is street retro a legit website?

It's a legit site, some shoes are *customized* and the other shoes are authentic. They also have other very popular companies to back them up, such as Geotrust and I forgot the other one but they do allow refunds. So you can buy a pair like I did and check if it's real or not, and if it's not retur it for your full refund.

Is Sneaker 4 less a legit site are those jordans real?

Those jordans are real on the site but most likey the shoes never end up at ur house so find another site

Are Jordan heels real?

there is a such thing as "Jordan Heels" but they heels you are seeing all over the internet were not manufactured by the Nike company and have nothing to do with the Jordan sneakers.. Its obvious just for the fact that there is no Nike swoosh on the actual high heel shoes.