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Oxygen can be compressed and using a diving situation either in a mix with other gases such as in normal air or special mixes i.e. Trimix, Nitrox etc. Or it could be compressed and used on its own. Compressed oxygen on its own is usually only used in rebreathers where the exhaled gas is reoxygenated.

In short, oxygen can be compressed on its own or with other gases for use in Scuba diving

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Q: Is oxygen a compressed gas
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How is compressed oxygen defined?

Compressed oxygen--oxygen that is stored as a gas in a tank.

What kind of gas is there in a oxygen tank?

Oxygen tanks have oxygen gas which is compressed and tightly sealed in the container.

Why is the oxygen in a scuba tank compressed?

The same reason every other gas in a scuba cylinder is compressed. If a cylinder is pressurized, then the gas in it is compressed by definition. If it is not pressurized, then there is obviously no gas in the cylinder to breath.

Why is the oxygen in a SCUBA thank is compressed?

The same reason every other gas in a scuba cylinder is compressed. If a cylinder is pressurized, then the gas in it is compressed by definition. If it is not pressurized, then there is obviously no gas in the cylinder to breath.

Can oxygen gas be pumped into a very small container?

Yes as the oxygen (gas) can be compressed into the very small container which is a property.

What characteristics of a gas is used in supplying oxygen cylinders to hospitals?

Gas can be compressed easily.

Is oxygen compressible?

All gases are compressible. Depending on their state. Oxygen can be a gas, a solid or a liquid. Liquid oygen (very very cold) would not be compressible, solid oxygen (frozen) would not either but as a gas at standard conditions - room temperature and pressure - it can be compressed. For example, compressed oxygen is used in emergency vehicles to keep people alive if they are injured or sick. It is extremely flammable, almost explosive so no smoking near a compressed oxygen gas cylinder, OK?

What are some examples of compressed gas?

Examples of compressed gases are as follows: LPG CNG oxygen nitrogen argon acetylene propane ammonia aersol products helium

Is liquid oxygen considered a hazardous material?

Yes, liquid oxygen is a hazardous material as a cryogenic liquid, an oxidizer, and also as a compressed gas.

Which gas is called compressed natural gas?

CNG is compressed natural gas

Does compressed oxygen have a weight?

actually compressed oxygen does actually have weight.

How can you breathe in space?

Astronauts use compressed oxygen mixed with nitrogen fo produce their breathing gas.

Why unclog gas line with nitrogen and not compressed air?

Because nitrogen will block oxygen and prevent combustion.

Can oxygen gas become compressed?

Yes - even to a liquid. A solid is also possible but is not practical on Earth.

What term best describes a gas under greater than atmospheric pressure?

compressed gas

What gas when compressed has the highest expansion rate not what substance or liquid just a gas like oxygen something safe though?

No one cares you nerd

Is helium a compressed gas?

Helium is a gas that can be compressed.

How is compressed gas useful?

Depends on what the gas is. Compressed air is used by scuba divers to breathe, auto mechanics to drive lots of theirtools, carpenters for air powered nailers. Compressed oxygen is usedto help people with breathing problems in or out of the hospital,withacetylene in oxy-acetylene torches to cut thru metals. Maybe you mean CNG, compressed natural gas, which is mostly methane, and is used as a fuel.

Why can oxygen gas be compressed yet water cannot?

All gases can be compressed because the particles are not close together and when you compress it, it brings the particles closer together. Liquids however, have particles which are close to each other so they can't be compressed.

Why solid and liquid cannot be compressed but gas compressed easily?

Solids and liquids do not have very much space between molecules as opposed to a gaseous substance. The distance between gas molecules compared to the size of the actual molecules is minute. Because there is plenty of empty space to occupy, the gas is more easily compressed. Likewise a liquid or a solid can actually be compressed, its just the space left to occupy more molecules is far less than that of a gas. Under intense pressure just about any state of matter can compress. Such an example is red oxygen which can be created by taking solid diatomic oxygen and compressing it with 10kPa of force

Which categories is usage of compressed air and gas divided into?

The three major categories of usage for compressed air and gas are: compressed air and gas for process services, compressed air for power, and compressed air for general industrial applications.

Which can be compressed more easily gas or liquid?

gas can be compressed easier.

Is nitrogen a compressed gas?

Nitrogen is a gas that can be compressed. Not all nitrogen is compressed, for example the nitrogen in the air we breath is at atmospheric pressure.

How does the temperature of gas change when it is compressed when it expands?

When gas is compressed, the temperature increases. When gas expands, the temperature decreases.The temperature of gas increases when it's compressed. When it expands, the temperature decreases.

Can the particles in gas be compressed into smaller volume?

Yes, a gas can be easily compressed.