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No, because anything that is a citrus fruit creates flem in your throat before a race. But otherwise after or any time not around running it's fine. Do not drink orange juice the day before a race or right before a race.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-25 02:54:59
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Q: Is orange juice good for runners?
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Is orange juice good for your liver?

why not? Orange juice is also used for liver cleansing

Is orange juice good for constipation?

eating an actual orange is better but i suppose orange juice will help yes

Does orange juice taste good?

It depends on what "taste good" means to you. Personally, I like the orange juice w/out pulp.

Does orange juice have vitimin c in it?

Yes, Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C

Are there vitamin c in orange juice?

Yes, orange juice is a good source of vitamin C.

Why does orange juice taste so good?

Only pure orange juice made from real oranges taste good because it is real.

Is orange juice the worst juice ever?

No, it is good to clean pennies and it tastes good.

Is orange juice good for the hair?


What makes a good orange juice?

good oranges...

What makes good orange juice?

good oranges ...

What is good to mix with vodka?

orange juice is good with vodka, but no pulp

Can a diabetic drinks fresh orange juice?

fresh orange juice is good provided no sugar is added. Dr. K

Can you drink Orange Juice while Pregnant?

Yes i belive its good for pregnant people orange juice has plenty of vitamin c that will help you!!!

Can you substitute orange juice for frozen orange juice concentrate?

yes but it won't taste good. It would be like aeting a lemon and then drinking lemon juice

Should you drink orange juice or cranberry juice when im sick?

The vitamin C in orange juice can definitely help you if you are sick. Cranberry juice is good if you are having kidney issues

Can pure orange juice cause constipation?

No, pure orange juice cannot cause constipation. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Pure orange juice is high in fiber and is therefore good at cleaning out the colon.

What color is orange juice?

. No, orange juice is actually yellow. Orange juice is called orange juice because it is the juice of the orange. The orange is orange, however the juice is not.

Is orange juice good for arthritis?


Does orange juice give you arthritis?

No. It is good for you.

What is good sources for copper?

orange juice

Is Canada dry with orange juice nasty?

No its quite good as long as you put about 20% orange juice, 80% canada dry.

Which juice cleans pennies best orange juice or grapefruit?

orange juice orange juice

Is orange juice bad for you?

No. Pure orange juice with nothing added (preservatives, sugar, etc.) is actually very good for you, equivalent to eating a tasty, sweet orange.

Is orange juice good for your hamster?

heck YEA U CAN GIVE UR HAMSTER ORANGE JUICE ITS GOOD FOR THEMNo ! what could be good for your hampster is water because orange juice contains a acid that could har the hampsters.

What can you mix with Buchanans whiskey?

A good mix drink is to mix it with orange juice, carbonated water, and a little bit of redbull. Redbull and orange juice will taste good too.