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Not usually. Sometimes if you are doing things with other people, grabbing your own blades, or fall akwardly, you will get cut. I've been skating for 12 years and have only gotten cut once.

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Q: Is one likely to get their fingers cut while figure skating?
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Can you get killed while figure skating?

It is possible to get killed when figure skating, but the chances are very slim.

When was figure skating invented?

While people have been skating for centuries, figure skating as it is currently understood was developed in England in the mid-19th century.

How was figure skating created?

James hains invented ice skating while he was dancing on ice

What do you wear while doing figure skating?

I would suggest clothes.

Is there anyone who has died while figure skating?

maybe 1 person

What is the date when figure skating originate?

Quoted from Wikipedia:"While people have been ice skating for centuries, figure skating in its current form originated in the mid-19th century.""American skater Jackson Haines, considered the "father of modern figure skating", introduced a new style of skating in the mid-1860s."

How did figure skating start?

While people have been ice skating for centuries, figure skating in its current form originated in the mid-19th century by Englishman Robert Jones, the first known account of figure skating. Competitions were then held in the "English style" of skating, which was stiff and formal and bears little resemblance to modern figure skating. American skater Jackson Haines considered the "father of modern figure skating", introduced a new style of skating in the mid-1860s. This style, which incorporated free and expressive techniques, became known as the "international style." Although popular in Europe, Haines' style of skating was not widely adopted in the United States until long after his death.

Is figure skating or gymnastics harder?

I don't know really know because its up yo you not me. If you try both of them over the summer you can se which one is harder. For me it is figure skating because i havn't done figure skating in a while so I know more Gymnastics mostly because i am really athletic and flexable.

Dose it get cold wearing a dress while figure skating?

the dress wont really make you cold its the skating tights that are cold especialy if yyour standinh

What is shoot the duck in figure skating?

Shoot the duck is a move in figure skating were the skater begins spinning and squats down and keeps spinning while extending the leg... keeps spinning for a couple seconds then tucks in leg and pushes up gracefully while still spinning.

In what country did figure skating start?

The United Kingdom seems to be the answer to this Question, while ice skating has been around since pre-historic times it seems that in 1742 the first ice skating association was formed in Edinburgh. The first instructional book concerning ice skating was published in London in 1772. The book, written by a British artillery lieutenant, Robert Jones, describes basic figure skating forms such as circles and figure eights. The book was written solely for men, as women did not normally ice skate in the late 18th century. It was with the publication of this manual that ice skating split into its two main disciplines, speed skating and figure skating.

Why is figure skating awesome?

There are various answers. 1.the wind in your face when you skate. 2.the jumps and spins look efortless and easy. 3.the beauty and grace the skaters use while skating.

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