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No one half is not always the same amount it is according to size

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Q: Is one half always the same amount?
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What is one-half of the amount of 8352?

8352 divided by 2 (which is the same as taking one half of an amount) is 4176.

How many sixth is is one half?

[three sixths] are the same amount as [one half]

Does the half-life of iodine-131 change with the amount?

No. The "half-life" of any radioactive substance is a measure of the probability of decay, and is the same for ten atoms or ten pounds. The number of atoms left after one half-life will be different (5 atoms or 5 pounds, for example), but it will always be half of the starting amount.

How many eights are the same as there as three sixths?

Four eighths ( 4/8 ) is the same amount as three sixths ( 3/6 ). Both of them are the same amount as one half ( 1/2 ).

How much oil to replace one half cup mayo?

You can use the same amount of oil as mayo.

1.5 stands for the same amount that the fraction 1 12?

1.5 = 1 1/2 (one and a half)

Will one half always stay the same even if the whole is bigger?

The size of each half will increase if the size of the whole increases, but relative to the other half, it will remain equal in size.

Why is one half divided by one half is one?

Anything divided by itself is always one.

What is the absolute value one half?

It is the same: one half.

Is the percentage of radioactive atoms that decay during one half-life always the same?

Yes, the percentage of radioactive atoms that decay during one half-life is always the same, which is 50%. This means that half of the radioactive atoms present will undergo radioactive decay within each half-life duration.

Is the sum of two fractions always a fraction?

No - one half plus one half equals one.

One half of a kiometer is the same as?

One half of a kilometer is the same as 500 meters or 0.5 km