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Depends on where you are riding it. If you stay in bikeparks and backyards it's OK, but if you ride it in traffic you have to have brakes.

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Q: Is not having brakes on a bike illegal in Ohio?
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Is it illegal to ride abike with no brakes?

it may not be illegal, if it is a motor bike then the answer is yes it is illegal. if its a bicycle then i would say no, but either way it is not a SMART,RESPONSIBLE OR SAFE THING TO DO.

How do you put the brakes on the bike?

depends on the bike and the brakes. Go to or for more.

Why does a gentle squeeze on your bike brakes stop your bike?

if your bike is a u, v or disk brake the cable is probably to tight or if you have hydraulic brakes of any kind your brakes will do this you just have to deal with it

What are two innovation that bike brakes?

Disc brakes and drum brakes.

Where can you buy brakes for a bike?

any bike store

Why do you keep moving forward when you slam on the brakes on your bike?

Well when you slam the brakes on a bike, you move forward because the bike wheels will stop and force will push you forward.

Why it is difficult to move a bike with its brake on?

Brakes are designed to stop things from moving, therefore making it difficult to move a bike that has its brakes on.

Is it legal to ride a pocket bike on the sidewalk in Columbus Ohio?

No. Anything that is not human powered, or in other words has a motor, is illegal to operate upon a sidewalk.

What sort of brakes does the silverfox attitude bike have?

Mechanical disc brakes.

How do you put mountain bike brakes on a bmx bike?

First I'm not at all certain what you mean by "mountain bike brakes", could mean either discs or v-brakes. Either way I'm not sure that either the frame or fork on a BMX would have the fittings required to take MTB brakes in place.

Does the BMX bike has breackes?

most bmx bikes dont have front brakes now ans if you pedal backward and it has pedal brakes its not a bmx bike

Do brakes on a bike work because of Gravity?

No brakes on anything work because of gravity. Pressure and friction are what stop anything utilizing brakes. On a bike, you pull the brake lever on the handle bar and it pulls the line connected to your brakes. The two brakes pads on either side of your wheel compress, applying friction and thus stopping your bike. The harder you pull, the faster you stop.

Do the brakes on a bicycle need to stop?

THe brakes rarely need to stop. But the brakes can be used to make the bike stop.

Did the safety bike have brakes?


Does a racing biKe have brakes?


Is it illegal to ride bmx brakeless?

Depends on where you ride it. If you're on the road, the law in most places calls for a bicycle to have brakes. If you're in a skate/bike park, it won't be illegal, but if the rules for the park says that you should have brakes then you can get kicked out if you don't have them. If you're on private property, and the owner of the propert doesn't care, then you can do as you please.

Deseribe Brakes in a bicycle as a simple machines?

Depends on the type of brakes, but most bike brakes would use levers.

How do you adjust V brakes on a schwinn trail master bike?

The same way you'd adjust v-brakes on any other bike, I'll post a link.

Does Bradly Wiggins have brakes on his bike?


How do you brake slowly with bike hand brakes?

if you squeeze the lever slowly, the bike will brake slowly.

Which force causes bike brakes to stop?


Does gsxr 1100 have back brakes?

name a bike that does not have back brakes ? :S If it didnt you would go flying like superman off that front of the bike everytime you braked from high speed

Why would it be dangerous to put oil on the brake blocks of a bike?

Of course it would. Oil makes thing slippery, and slippery brakes won't slow the bike down as well as dry brakes does.

It is illegal to have 2 people on the same bike?

if the bike has one seat, it is illegal because of safety issues, but if it has two seats, it is perfectly fine.

Does bike doctor assemble bikes?

a bike doctor tunes and works to fix bikes, they can assemble bikes, but you should get a manufacture to do that. a bike doctor can put new pads on your brakes, they can, if you have hydraulic brakes they can put better oil and lubricants. They do not however assemble bikes.