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no the rules are all the same

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Q: Is normal soccer rules different from olympic soccer rules?
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How do people qualify to get onto an olympic soccer team?

The team for an Olympic soccer team is picked by the national team coach. However, for the Olympic soccer torunament, there are some rules as to who can and can not play, for example age restrictions.

What are the similarities of special olympic soccer and soccer?

These two have the exact same rules of playing, but field lengths vary.

How do they play soccer in the cayman islands?

Soccer is played with normal FIFA rules in the Cayman Islands.

Are the rules the same for Caribbean and American soccer?

No the rules are different.

Is soccer played inside or outside?

Both. There is indoor soccer and outdoor soccer. They have different rules though and the fields are different.

Is soccer the same with football?


In the olympic games how many rules are there in soccer?

There are 17 rules in soccer. They can be found in the FIFA Laws of the Game.

Do they play soccer different in Estonia?

No. Soccer is an international sport, with standard rules around the world. There are different variations of soccer, like 5-a-side, but they are the same around the world. So the standard rules of soccer apply in Estonia, like in other countries.

What are the rules for Olympic snowboarding events?

There are various different Olympic snowboarding events with different rules for each. A consistent rule is that the contestants must not have taken any performance enhancing drugs.

What is the rules of professional soccer?

Professional soccer rules are specific to the type of professional soccer being played. For example, clearly indoor soccer is significantly different than outdoor soccer. However, there are worldwide official soccer rules known as the "Laws of the Game." The rules are maintained by the International Football Association Board, and published by FIFA. Most, if not all, professional soccer leagues subscribe to these basic rules.

Where did soccer first come from?

i think soccer came from England.the rules their are very different from American soccer. they played very bloody when they played soccer.

How are the soccer rules different between the girls and the guys?

They aren't.

Why did soccer become an olympic sport?

Same reason any other sport makes it into the Olympics - by fulfilling the requirements in the Olympic rules, having enough competitors, and enough media interest.

What are twenty rules for soccer?

The rules of soccer is called the laws of the game

Who inverted soccer?

Soccer was thought to be invented by the Chinese however nobody fully knows as many different countries had the same game but with different rules

How is soccer different from they were?

They Have Different Rules. Also People Used To Play Soccer With Some Dead Guys Head, Without Shoes, And Without Shin Guards

How you play croquet not soccer?

To learn Croquet you have to learn the rules of Croquet and play accordingly. Soccer is a completely different game.

Are rules for soccer different in some countries if so what are they?

Yes they are I and making a page on it

How many rules are there in olympic sailing?

Just the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), In total, about 90 rules, but not many people actually know them all, about 12 govern what boats do when they meet on the race course, and the race committee can change them for the event as necessary. The rules are no different for the Olympics as they are for normal club racing, just enforced more!

What is the Law of soccer?

There are tons of rules in soccer... You can find soccer rules here

International rules of soccer?

The rules of soccer are the same anywhere you go.

When was the first time soccer got rules and why?

What would soccer be without rules?

How soccer rules changer?

The soccer rules are made by F.I.F.A, they can only change them.

What is biggest sport in the world?

It is probably soccer. Soccer is the biggest sport in the world I think because they have leagues all over the world other than like basketball or football. In football they have lots of leagues but different rules, but soccer is worldwide and has the same rules wherever you play it.

How did they invent soccer?

Soccer started as a form of football played at schools in England. Different schools played by different rules until they were codified into the Laws of the Game. This marked the birth of Association Football (soccer). Later, the IFAB was created as the conservator of the Laws (because different national associations, specifically England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, played by differing rules by that time), and later FIFA became the governing body for International soccer.