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Very unlikely. Breast cancer most often presents painlessly. Consider fibrocystic disease instead.

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Q: Is noncyclical breast pain in only one breast sign of breast cancer?
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Is breast cancer the only breast disease?

Breast cancer is not the only breast disease. There is another type of breast disease called fibrocystic breast disease. It is a condition that causes breast pain, cysts and breast lumps.

What type of breast pain is a sign that you might have breast cancer?

Breast Pain and CancerThere is no specific type of breast pain that is a sign that a patient might have breast cancer. Breast cancer does not typically cause breast pain.Virtually all the breast pains that women experience are caused by benign problems. Most of these are caused by fibrocystic breast and hormonal changes.However, you have to be careful when you hear people say that if you have breast pain then, you do not have breast cancer. This is because breast pain and breast cancer can coexist in the same breast, but they are not usually related. In other words one did not cause the other.So, the same woman with breast cancer can have breast pain, just like the same woman with breast cancer can have blue eyes or grey hairs.So, a woman with breast pain is not protected from breast cancer and should still be screened for breast cancer like any other woman.

What are systems of breast cancer?

A few breast cancer symptoms are a lump in the breast, swelling in armpit, and pain in breast.

When you have breast cancer do you get pains?

Yes, pain in the breast is the most common presenting feature of breast cancer, BUT all pains in the breast are not breast cancer, and some cancer may not be painful. Any pain or lump in the breast is worth seeing a doctor for.

What are the medical signs of cancer?

Medical Cancer signs will depend on the type of cancer. For instance breast cancer symptoms will be pain in breast, lump in breast. Lung cancer will show the symptoms like coughing, chest pain

Can you get rid of Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer can not get rid of. However, Breast Cancer can go away but come back soon. Symptoms of Breast Cancer would be pain, weight loss, breast pain, breast lump, and nipple discharge. If you have Breast Cancer or symptoms, visit your local doctor. Go to to find out more information about Breast Cancer. You can also look up American Cancer Society for more help.

Is breast cancer painful?

Breast Cancer PainNot in the early stages. In advanced breast cancer, pain is a factor, both in the breast and in the underlying bones.

Do women with breast cancer have pain?

It's cancer. So yes.

What are some of the symptoms of pain in relation to breast cancer?

There are many symptoms of pain in relation to breast cancer. Among them are sore red breasts, itchy breasts, upper back pain, changes in the nipple, swelling.

What are typical telltale breast cancer symptoms?

The main symptom of breast cancer is a lump or thickening in the breast or in the armpit. Usually there is no pain or other symptom. Sometimes a mammogram can find breast cancer before a lump can be felt.

Should I be concerned about occasional breast pain?

Breast Cancer commonly does not have warning signs, and pain is in most cases not one of them. Occasional breast pain has not been well studied but it would not hurt to see your Doctor simply to rule this out though chances are it is not Cancer, then you can discuss other treatments.

What is it if you have pain on your right side above your breast and goes into your jaw?

Breast Cancer.

What is so bad about breast cancer?

The pain and complications that come with it and mostly chemotherapy which is what many cancer patients struggle with.

Is only tamoxifen control breast cancer?

Tamoxifen has also been used off label for malignant glioma (type of nervous system tumor), ovarian cancer, mastalgia (breast pain), infertility, osteoporosis, and precocious puberty.AnswerPalliative or adjunctive treatment of advanced breast cancer; reduce the incidence of breast cancer in women at high risk; reduce risk of invasive breast cancer in women with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS); metastatic male breast cancer; treatment of melanoma, desmoid tumors

What is the signs of breast cancer?

Lumps in your breast is the most common one. Theres also armpit swelling, nipple discarge, pain in nipples, inverted nipples, scaly skin in breast area, persistant tenderness, and unusual pain in breast area.

How do you know if you have breast cancer at twelve years old?

No chance you can get breast cancer at 12yrs old, it has not happened before and it is not yet proven. It is in fact rare to find a woman in her 20s with breast cancer and only few under 30s are diagnosed by it. If you feel pain, could be that your breasts are still growing, if you feel something else though get checked just to be on the safe side.

Does breast cancer cause pain or not?

yes it causes pain! you have to go through many surgery's and things

How do the girls feel if boy press their breast?

They feel in pain. Like, genuine pain, and it can cause cancer, so don't do it.

Where is the best place i can find breast cancer info?

There are many places that a person can obtain information about breast cancer but the best place to get accurate information would be from a doctor or specialist. Some of the early symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast or underarm, swelling in the armpit, pain or tenderness in the breast, and a marble-like area under the skin.

What type of medine can you take for breast cancer?

Antioxidants,pain reliever and chemo drugs.

What is post mastectomy pain syndrome?

Post-mastectomy pain syndrome (PMPS) is a kind of chronic pain that may occur after breast cancer surgery.

Is the Genie Bra a sleeping bra?

Depends. Some people have said if you are sleeping with a bra on, you could get breast cancer and less worse, breast pain. The Genie Bra has no hooks, compared to others. There is a higher chance of getting breast cancer. So I say there is no chance of getting cancer, but maybe pain. That's it.

You are 18 years old and you have a breast pain and itake contraceptive pills for 3 years but stop taking them from 4 months what causes this pain?

Breast pain is one of the most common breast problems. Pain can range from mild to severe, and sometimes requires treatment. It may affect one or both breasts, or can radiate into the armpit. In general, breast pain is not a sign of cancer. Discover all causes of the breast pain in recommended related link.

Is non-cyclical breast pain cancerous?

Non-cyclical breast pain, pain that is unrelated to your periods, is almost always NOT associated with cancer. For more information, visit the link in "Edit Links" to the left.

Is inflammatory breast cancer the most aggressive and least familiar form of breast cancer true or false?

Inflammatory breast cancer is the most aggressive and least common form of breast cancer. Grows rapidly, symptoms include pain, rapid increase in breast size, redness or rash on breast. Once it reaches lymph nodes it can rapidly spread to distant parts of the body.Answer: True

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