Is nipple pain due to pregnancy?

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Nipple pain can be due to pregnancy, menstruation, ovulation, trauma, infection, or, rarely, cancer.

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Q: Is nipple pain due to pregnancy?
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What does pain near the nipple mean?

possibly a sign of pregnancy

Why do you have clear fluid coming from your nipple?

Clear fluid coming from your nipple can be due to nipple stimulation, hormonal imbalance, or pregnancy. See your health care provider for an exam.

Usually you had a breast pain before periods but this time you had a nipple pain is it preganancy sign?

I wouldn't count on nipple pain as a sign of pregnancy unless you have missed your period and have other symptoms including urinating frequently, fatigue, bloating and breast tenderness.

Can leaking breasts indicate pregnancy after only 1 week of possible pregnancy?

No. You wont be experiencing any kind of nipple discharge till you are 3 months or more along into a pregnancy. The nipple discharge can be due to drinking too much coffee or by a infection or irritation of the milk ducts in your nipple. See your doctor for some antibiotics.

Why do you have nipple discharge and pain?


Is tailbone pain a sign of pregnancy?

Not early on. Later in the pregnancy, as the baby gets larger, there may be pain due to the pressure being placed on the area.

Would your nipples hurt if your pregnant?

Yes nipple sensitivity and hurting is common during a pregnancy due to the influx of hormones

What signs do your nipple give when pregnant?

Some women complain of nipple tenderness with pregnancy. The main signs of pregnancy are missing period and positive pregnancy test.

Is nipple tenderness a sign of your period or early pregnancy?

Nipple tenderness can be a sign of your period or early pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you think you're pregnant.

Why do i have a pain in the nipple?

Only your doctor can answer this.

Is Nipple pains a sign of pregnancy?


Missed period and shooting pain in right thigh?

A missed period could be due to pregnancy, stress, or diet change. Shooting pain in ones thigh could be due to changes in the body due to pregnancy, strained muscle, or a pinched nerve.

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