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Ninjitsu (or Ninjutsu) is not the actual fighting art of the Ninja. Ninjitsu is the art of invisiblity or stealth. The Ninja's fighting art is called Taijitsu (Taijutsu), and it translates to mean "body art", or art of using the body. Ninjitsu is very similar in style to the Samurai's art of Jujitsu (Jujutsu), only Taijitsu is more unorthodox & not quite as "pretty" as Jujitsu in form. Taijitsu is ok as a fighting art against someone not versed in Martial Arts such as Jujitsu or Krav Maga, or someone versed in street fighting tactics. Today's world calls for self-defense systems geared for today's threats and dangers.

while ninjutsu is useful as defence since its technique is basically stealth, lock, fluidity, is not exactly a good offence for street fights if you want to start a fight. ninjutsu in only good as self defence attacks by locking your opponent technique then breaking their bones. (if they dont attack you, there is not much you can really do except basics attacks which could just land you in trouble)

is it good? it depends on how well you master it. a good martial user no matter what art is when the user combines agility (for attacks), reflex (for defence) and strength (for power). ninjutsu can defeat all other martial arts but all other martial arts can also defeat ninjutsu. it still comes down to the user

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Q: Is ninjutsu good in street fights or to defend at school?
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