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In my opinion, I think that Ronaldo is a bit better than Neymar. Even though Neymar is a Brazilian superstar, He has some work to do to catch up with the Portuguese football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Q: Is neymar better than ronaldo
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What does neymar say?

neymar say that Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is better Cristiano ronaldo or neymar?

Cristiano Ronaldo for now, Neymar will be soon Neymar's only 19

Who is the best soccer player neymar or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Neymar is a better soccer player than cristiano ronaldo,because he has more skill,technic and quickness,on top of that neymar has a much better attitude towards oponents and team mates than ronaldo

Who is better at soccer Ronaldo or neymar?

I think neymar is better at jukes but Ronaldo is way faster so it kind of depends

Who is better bale or ronaldo?

Of course bale is better than ronaldo.bale is better than pele so he's better than ronaldo.and he's better than messi,neymar,pele and ronaldo

How is the fastest between Neymar and Ronaldo?


Is messi better then neymar?

no neymar is better than messi

Is neymar better than messi?

no messi is better than neymar messi has better skills and dribbles better but neymar and messi are bros for life

Why do you think messi is better than ronaldo?

the best is kaka but of course messi is better than ronaldo ronaldo has no talent at all. the bests are 1.kaka 2.messi 3.neymar 4.muller ronaldo will go to porto in 2015 kaka will not go to psg but will go back to milan with muller

Messi is better than Ronaldo?

Messi is by far the best in the world compared to ronaldo

Is messi better than neymar?

messi isn better than because neymar does better tricks than messi and scores more goals

Is ronaldo better than kaka?

Ronaldo is better than Kaka

Is ronaldo better than Rooney?

ronaldo is better!!!

Is neymar the mixture of christiano ronaldo and messi?


Is javier hernandez better than neymar?


Is neymar better than van persie?


Is Gareth Bale better than Neymar?


Is Ronaldo better than Messi?

yes, far better than ronaldo and messi

Who is better ronaldo or kaka?

ronaldo is better he is also better than messi

Is nani better than ronaldo?

no nani is not better than ronaldo because ronaldo has more shot power and a better free kick

Is Lionel Messi better than Cristiano Ronaldo?

Yes, Messi is better than Ronaldo.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo better than ronaldinho?

Currently C.Ronaldo is better than Ronaldinho. But when Ronaldinho was at his best, he was better than Ronaldo.

Who is better drogba or ronaldo?

Drogba is much better than Ronaldo !! Ronaldo is a stupid Portuguese player "!!

Is jaseem better than ronaldo?

jaseem is better than ronaldo and jaseem is me and i am the best motherfuc*ers

Who is better ronaldinho or cris ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is far better than Ronaldinho.