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Joe Namath is not gay. Did you see the Suzy Kolber fiasco ?

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โˆ™ 2009-04-21 12:10:17
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Q: Is namath gay
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What is the birth name of Joe Namath?

Joe Namath's birth name is Joseph William Namath.

What is Joe Namath's birthday?

Joe Namath was born on May 31, 1943.

When was Joe Namath born?

Joe Namath was born on May 31, 1943.

Did joe namath play in the acc?

No ... Namath played in the SEC with the University of Alabama.

Who was the backup for Joe Namath in 1967?

In 1967, Mike Taliaferro was the backup for Joe Namath.

Is Joe Namath still alive?

Yes, Namath is still alive of May, 2009.

When did Joe namath die?

Joe Namath was born on May 13, 1943 and has not yet died.

Quarterback of 1969 Super Bowl besides Joe Namath?

Babe Parilli was the backup for Joe Namath.

What year was Joe Namath's last NFL season?

The 1977 season was Joe Namath's last in the NFL.

Which NFL player was nicknamed Broadway Joe?

Joe Namath who was the quarterback for the New York Jets. Joe Namath

How much did joe namath earn in 1964?

I hope this is a typo because Joe Namath was still at Alabama in 1964.

Who is Joe Namath's girlfriend?

As of February 2014, no information has been released indicating that Joe Namath is in a serious relationship.

What are the release dates for Namath - 2012 TV?

Namath - 2012 TV was released on: USA: 28 January 2012

What nicknames does Joe Namath go by?

Joe Namath goes by Broadway Joe, The Hungarian Howitzer, and Joe Willie.

Is Joe Namath married?

No. He is divorced.

What are Joe Namath's parents names?

Father: Janos Nemeth (Changed to Namath when he immigrated to the US) Mother: Rose Juhasz

Who was the QB for Alabama's national championship team in 1961?

Joe Namath was the quarterback in 1961 followed by Joe Namath through 1964

How old was joe namath when he retired?

Joe Namath retired after the 1977 season at the age of 34 (born May 31, 1943).

What is the value of Joe Namath and Paul Bear Bryant and Harry Gilmer Football cards?

Isn't Namath a big Relative personality?

Where did Joe Namath live as a kid?

Namath was born and raised in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania and graduated from Beaver Falls High School.

Did Joe Namath ever win a Super Bowl?

Joe Namath won Super Bowl III with the New York Jets.

What jersey number did Joe Namath wear while playing for Alabama?

Joe Namath wore the number 12 when he played for Alabama.

Famous football players?

Joe Namath

Who was mvp of Super Bowl 111?


What was Joe Namath's nickname?

willy joe

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Where did Joe Namath live as a kid?

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