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At meets, some judges will take a deduction for wearing nail polish, but it is okay to train whilewearing nail polish.

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Q: Is nail polish allowed in allstar cheerleading?
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Which potentially dangerous chemicals are allowed to be in nail polish if any?

A dangerous chemical allowed in the US to be in nail polish is dibutyl phthalate (DBP), the substance that makes fingernail polish dry to a smooth varnish.

Why are gymnasts and dancers not allowed to wear nail polisH?

Because if they wear nail polish and they scratch or cut somebody and draw blood the nail polish might get into the blood stream and cause infection.

Is nail polish and makeup prohibited in the Koran?

No, it is allowed. We have a wide variety of makeup and nail polish brand, and even government officials use makeup and such.

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Clear nail polish is a special coat of nail polish to protect the other coat of nail polish

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