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No. People vastly underestimate the NEED to start children in various activities - to introduce them to experiences and skill-sets - at the earliest age possible (while their brains are still "growing" - from conception to about 6 years old).

Keep in mind that the introduction and ongoing activities should be aimed at FUN, FUN, FUN and FUN - and hopefully should always be aimed at that goal (ALWAYS keep your children's activities safe, healthy and fun). Every introduction should be viewed as becoming a possible lifelong "love affair" - so be careful how and what you introduce them to!!

With that in mind search long and hard for a teacher and/or teaching program - and age appropriate equipment - that caters to the abilities and imagination (and safety, health and FUN!) of YOUR child - fun, easy baby steps!

YOU could easily teach them yourself if you make the equipment, play area and educational approach as age appropriate as possible. Smaller, lighter racket with larger hitting area - larger, softer balls that bounce softly and easily - tiny net and playing area ...etc. (Check out Le Petit tennis for example...)

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Q: Is my 4 year old toddler too young to take tennis?
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