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Mrs. Mirka Federer is the wife of professional tennis player, Roger Federer. Both of them are practicing Eastern Orthodox Catholics.

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Q: Is mrs mirka federer catolic or estern orthodox?
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When was Mirka Federer born?

Mirka Federer was born on 1978-04-01.

What is the real name of the wife of Roger Federer?

Mrs Williams

Is Mirka Federer Jewish?


Did mirka have kids before marrying federer?


What is the sexual orientation of Roger Federer?

Roger Federer has never publicly discussed his sexual orientation. He is married to Mirka Vavrinec.

Where can you see pictures of Roger Federer and his girlfriend?

Roger Federer met his long-time girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec, at Syndey 2000 Olympics

What is Roger Federer's girlfriend's name?

Miroslava "Mirka(pronounced meer-ka)" Vavrinec. Although now, she is his wife. So her name is Miroslava Federer.

How do you know Roger Federer's girlfriend is pregnant?

Roger and his girlfriend Mirka announced the pregnancy on his website.

Does Federer have children?

Yes, he and his wife Mirka have twin daughters Myla Rose and Charlene Riva who were born July 23, 2009.

When Roger Federer got a married?

Yes. He is married to his long time girlfriend(now his wife) Mirka.

Is Roger Federer divorced?

Supposedly not, but that is quite the rock his girlfriend wears on her ring finger.

Does Roger Federer love Mirka?

Yes, they do. They are both married and are expecting their first child together very soon. She has been to all of his matches to support him, and he supports her as well.