Is motocross a game

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no it is clearly a sport

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Q: Is motocross a game
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When did Motocross - video game - happen?

Motocross - video game - happened in 1983.

When was Motocross - video game - created?

Motocross - video game - was created in 1983.

How do you do stunts in motocross mania game?

You do them

How was Motocross invented?

Motocross was invented by edmann wilkison as a game to show off the dirt bike skills

What game on four?

Sunday league footy on a morning or motocross

Is motocross physically demanding?

Motocross is the second most physically demanding sport in the world, next to soccer. Trust me, I race motocross. now that's just not true, i race motocross to but not at a professional level, and there is no way in hell that a little soccer game could be harder

What is the best motocross game?

You're best bet for a good motocross game would be MX vs ATV Untamed. I personally think it is the best mx game ever made. I can play it for hours at a time without getting bored.

What are the differnt types of motocross?

there are many here are some: supercross arena cross motocross freestyle motocross indoor motocross outdoor motocross

How dangerous is motocross?

Motocross can be dangerous if you have no idea what you are doing if you know what you are doing then it is much safer but still dangerous REMEMBER: Always wear your helmet when your on a bike!! (No Pain No Game)

Where do you play motocross?

motocross tracks

What are the different types of motocross?

Motocross, Supercross, Arenacross, Freestyle Motocross, Supermoto

Styles of motocross racing?

Motocross, Supercross, Arenacross, Freestyle Motocross, Supermoto

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