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Q: Is monica seles a two-handed forehand player?
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Monica seles husband?

Monica Seles is a professional tennis player who is originally from Yugoslavia. As of June 5, 2014, she is engaged to Tom Golisano.

Yugoslavian-born court star?

Monica SELES Monica Seles

When was Monica Seles born?

Monica Seles was born on December 2, 1973.

What is Monica Seles's birthday?

Monica Seles was born on December 2, 1973.

Who is Monica Seles manager?

Monica Seles has retired now her husband may managing her.

Who was the first tennis player to autograph a camera lens?

Monica Seles

Did Monica Seles endorse a shoe?

Monica Seles named her shoe "Nike Air Haze"

Does Monica Seles have children?


Who was the youngest woman to win the French Open?

Men - Michael ChangWomen - Monica Seles

Is monica seles alive?


What is monica's surname in tennis?


Who was an eminant women player who lost her emenence in the game of tennis after she was stabbed in back?

Monica Seles