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He is a starting wide receiver for the Cowboys.

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Yes unless he is traded or some unforeseeable event occurs that prevents him from playing.

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Miles Austin plays for the Cleveland Browns.

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Q: Is miles Austin playing on the Dallas Cowboys in 2011?
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How old was Miles Austin when he started playing with the Dallas Cowboys?


Is Miles Austin still on the Dallas Cowboys team-?

No, Miles Austin was released from the Dallas Cowboys football team.

Where does Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys live?

In Dallas of course

How long has miles austin been in NFL?

2013 is Dallas Cowboys WR Miles Austin's 8th season in the NFL.

How did the Dallas Cowboys acquire Miles Austin?

Austin signed with the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in May, 2006 after completing his college career at Monmouth University.

Who is the fastest receiver of the Dallas Cowboys?

was terell Owens (81) now miles Austin (19)

Is The Dallas Cowboys Miles Austin white black or Mexican?

Miles Jonathon Austin III (b. 30 June 1984) is a Dallas Cowboys wide receiver. He was born in Summit, NJ to Miles and Ann Austin. He is of Afro-American heritage. You can see his pictures and keep up with his personal appearances via his FaceBook page


Miles Austin-19- Up Coming Best WR in NFL

Is Austin Texas closer to Dallas or Houston?

Austin to Houston is 162 miles. Austin to Dallas is 195 miles.

How many miles from Dallas Texas to Austin Texas Pennsylvania to Austin Texas?

Austin to Dallas, 195 miles Austin to Pittsburgh, 1417 miles Austin to Philadelphia, 1682 miles

Is Miles Austin going to be with the Dallas Cowboys in 2014?

No. The Cowboys parted ways with the oft-injured wide receiver after the 2013 season. He now plays for the Cleveland Browns. Austin, who joined the Cowboys in 2006, ended his career with Dallas in ninth place all time in receptions (301) and seventh in receiving yardage (4,481).

Who is the Dallas Cowboys starting receviers?

Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are the key receivers. Jason Witten is the No. 1 tight end.