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real fast... like a 4.3 40

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yes and desean Jackson is the 2nd

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Q: Is mike Wallace the fastest wr in the nfl?
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Is mike Wallace fastest in NFL?

he is the fastest WR in the nfl

What positon does mike Wallace play?

He played Wide Receiver or WR

Who is Pittsburgh Steelers mike Wallace related to on New England Patriots?

Based on the New England Patriots media guide. former Steelers and current Dolphins WR Mike Wallace is not elated to anyone on the Patriots current roster.

Is moss the fastest wr in NFL?

Depends on which moss you're talking about. Randy moss is probably second to Santana Moss.

Will juilo Jones go to the NFL?

Julio Jones is rated at the second best NFL Prospect at the WR position behind WR A.J. Green.

Who's the best WR in the NFL?

Tyreek Hill

Does my Fantasy Football team suck butt or what QB Jay Cutler WR Roddy White Lance Moore Mike Wallace RB Steven Jackson Jamaal Charles TE Brent Celek WR RB Shonn Greene K MattPrater DEF Oakland?

good lineup

How much does the highest paid nfl player make?

As of June, 2014, the highest paid players in the NFL: 1. Jay Cutler (QB) Chicago Bears $17,500,000 2. Eli Manning (QB) New York Giants $15,150,000 3. Peyton Manning (QB) Denver Broncos $15,000,000 4. Mike Wallace (WR) Miami Dolphins $15,000,000 5. Sam Bradford (QB) St. Louis Rams $14,015,000

What college did NFL WR Peerless Price attend?

University of Tennessee

Who wore number 82 for nfl St. Louis Cardinals?

The last player was WR Ron Brown in 1987. Others were TE Doug Marsh (1985-1986), WR Steve Bird (1983-1984), WR Ricky Thompson (1982), DE Bob Pollard (1978-1981), WR Earl Thomas (1974-1975), DL Joe Schmiesing (1968-1971), and DE Mike Melinkovich (1965-1966).

What was the fastest 5km ever by a man?

5000 m12:37.35 (WR)31 May 2004Hengelo12:37.35 (WR) 31 May 2004, Kenenisa Bekele

Who is the fastest person in track in field?

Usain Bolt100m 9.58 WR200m 19.19 WR