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No she is not she getting ready to give birth to her first child

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Q: Is michelle mccool going to TNA impact?
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Is WWE diva Michelle mccool related to tna knockout Angelina love?


Is there going to be a TNA Impact 2?

If you mean tna impact 2 game then yes but there isn't going to be another tna impact 2 programme.

Is Candice Michelle going to TNA?

No she has retired from wrestling altogether.

Is Jeff Hardy going to leave TNA?

yes...he is leaving tna impact in november 2011!

When is Jeff Hardy going to be tna wrestling?

He started on January 4th 2010 on the TNA impact zone

Which wrestlers are going to tna?

soon it will be Michelle mc cool, vladmir kozlov, edge.

Is TNA TNA inpact?

no is tna impact

Is Victoria coming back to WWE?

rumors has it that victoria(tara) in tna said she was quitting tna so tna booked a match for Tara's contract with tna to lose and its also said she is going to have a rivalry with Michelle Mcool or layla for the woman's championship

What is tna impact?

TNA Impact is a professional wrestling television program.

Did mick foley die?

NO!!!! he is on TNA iMPACT now He is not on IMPACT anymore. he got fired. i am going to meet him on June, 4!!!

Will tna impact have a video game in 2012?

There are rumors going around that TNA is looking to make another video game but no one knows for sure.

What are the release dates for TNA Impact Wrestling - 2004 TNA iMPACT 4 16 2009 5-16?

TNA Impact Wrestling - 2004 TNA iMPACT 4 16 2009 5-16 was released on: USA: April 2009