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Q: Is mayweather better than pacquiao
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Who better pacquiao or mayweather?

You can see it in their KO's and Pacquiao has EPIC 8 division titles.

Experts say on pacquiao mayweather fight?

Experts say mayweather would out-box pacquiao

Did mayweather fight pacquiao?


What is Pacquiao's first name?


Who has more belts manny pacquiao or Floyd mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather

Who is going to win mayweather or pacquiao?

Mayweather, he's faster and has head movement.

Who would fight between mayweather and paquiao?

Mayweather by decision or Pacquiao by ko.

Does mayweather earn more than pacquiao?

Pacquiao is on the Forbes athletes highest paid list ( the same list with Ronaldo and Le Bron Jame ) mayweather is not even on the list. Pacquiao has a Nike clothing range where as Mayweather does not have endorsements worth even a fraction of Manny Pacquiao and to top it off Pacquiao has been on the cover of Time magazine where as a safe bet would be Mayweather will never be, also Mayweather beats up women so has to spend lots of money with law suits and stuff like that to. So yeah Pacquiao earns alot more it's not even close

What are the name all of the fight of Mayweather fault?

Mayweather mentioned Pacquiao's name as a fault.

Mayweather vs pacquiao?

It would be an exciting fight because mayweather is a good counter puncher and pacquiao has 5-6 combination round bursts. Mayweather has never been under that kind of pressure before for twelve straight round but it either going to be a Floyd mayweather UD of pacquiao KO if it does happen.

Did Manny pacquiao and Floyd mayweather fight already?


Why did mayweather beat marquez?

because mayweather is a cheater he always cheats and he weighed 4 more pounds than marquez so that proves that pacquiao can beat mayweather so we all know the answer

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