Is martin broduer retired

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Is martin broduer retired
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What is Martin Broduer famous for?


What Goalie has the most playoff shutouts in the NHL?

martin broduer

How many wins does martin broduer have?

555 and counting in regular season.

What 1991 7th inning sketch card has the most value?

martin broduer

Who inspired martin broduer?

Patrick Roy inspired Martin Broduer because he was a great goalie and he thought that it whould be fun to be a goalie and Patrick Roy made it look so easy so he wanted to be just like him.

Who has most hockey shutouts modern era?

Present day it is Martin Broduer with 101 carrer shutouts. As of 20/3 -09.

What records does Patrick roy have?

He had the most saves in a game That is why he got inducted to the hockey hall of fame. He had the most wins by a golie from martin broduer beat his record

Is troy Martin a retired wrestler?

Yes Troy Martins is a retired wrestler.

How many career shutouts does henrik lundqvist have?

1 in my book broduer has 102 shutouts

Is Curtis Martin playing this year?

If you mean Curtis Martin formerly from the New York Jets then he has retired a couple of years ago.

What happened to Martin Delray?

Martin Delray was a popular songwriter in the 1980s. He stopped recording, performing, and writing songs when he retired in 1992.

Who are the NHL's best goalies?

Fleury of the Pittspurgh Penguins Loungo of the Vancouver Canucks Broduer of the New Jersey Devils