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No, it is not.

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Q: Is martial arts mandatory in Chinese schools?
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When was British Council for Chinese Martial Arts created?

British Council for Chinese Martial Arts was created in 1973.

Do martial arts schools teach kendo?

Yes there are martial art schools that teach Kendo

Which is the best self defense martial art?

Chinese martial arts

What has the author Margaret S Wan written?

Margaret S. Wan has written: 'Green peony and the rise of the Chinese martial arts novel' -- subject(s): Chinese Martial arts fiction, History and criticism, Martial arts fiction, Chinese

Which martial arts are practiced by Yip Man?

Yip Man was a well-known Chinese martial artist, who passed away in 1972 at the age of 79. The martial arts that he practiced were mixed martial arts.

Which Chinese is the best in martial arts?

the best chinese martial art in my opinion is wing chun kung fu and the best martial arts teacher of this style would either be ip man or sum nung

How did martial arts in China develop?

Legend says that it was the Bodhidarma that started Chinese martial arts. He brought the arts he learned in India to the Shoalin temples. But the arts were there long before that.

In which country would you come across the martial art of Wushu?

Wushu is a Chinese martial arts.

How can one choose a Martial Arts school?

You can choose a Martial Arts school by researching schools online in your area. Read reviews for the schools and sit down with the instructor to talk about your goals.

Is karate a sport in china?

If you mean martial arts then yes. Though not Chinese, Judo and Tae Kwon Do are martial arts and Olympic Sports. Mixed Martial Arts is a popular sport that uses parts of different martial arts, and some Chinese arts can be incorporated into this at appropriate times.

What does 'wushu' mean?

Well, Wushu is the Chinese term for martial arts in general but also refers to a Chinese martial art with the same name.

Why was Chinese martial arts were created?

because the peasants were not allowed to have weapons