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Manchester United play at Old Trafford.

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yes. u can't even spell man u

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Q: Is man you football ground is Manchester?
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Who has played for Manchester city football club and Manchester utd football club?

Carlos Tevez has recently moved to Man City from Man Utd.

What football team is better Manchester united or Manchester city?

man. u

Which is the Largest English football ground?

Old Trafford (Manchester United)

What was man citys old football ground called before city of Manchester stadium?

It is called the Stadium of Light.

What football club won the premiership 2008?

Manchester united

Where was Manchester united's original ground?

"North Road" was a football stadium and cricket field in Newton Heath, Manchester, England. It was the first home of Manchester United Football Club - then known as Newton Heath Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Football Club - from its foundation in 1878 until 1893, when the club moved to a new ground at Bank Street, Clayton their second ground before Old Trafford.

What is the second best team in the would in football?

Manchester united(man u)

Who is better at football Liverpool or Manchester united?

They are about equel but man u dive

What ICT does Man City Football club use?

Manchester United - ICT

If Manchester United football club moved its ground to delph in Yorkshire would it still be Manchester United and if so why?

Delph is not in Yorkshire, It is in Lancashire. Yes Manchester United would still be, as Manchester is part of Lancashire.

Are man city and man you the same?

They are two different football clubs, but both based in Manchester. They are great rivals.

Who is Ruairi Croskery?

Ruairi Crosker is an Irish man who plays football for Manchester United.