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This argument can go two ways. Man United has one more premier trophy then Liverpool and more FA cups, but Liverpool has two more big European Cups. As of now, both teams are too inconsistent to say who is better now.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-24 17:27:16
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Q: Is man united better than Liverpool?
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Why is Liverpool better than Man united?

There not Liverpool r better man utd suck!!

How is better man united or Liverpool?


Who is best man u or Liverpool?

now listen Manchester united are a good team but Liverpool are better than Manchester united

Is Liverpool fc better than man united?

obviously man united is better because they are running champions for three consecutive years=although both teams have won the premiere league equal times but man united have European championship way more than Liverpool.=

Who are better man utd or Liverpool?

Manchetser United are the best team in the world and have been fot the last decade on trophies per year ratio and have also had the best player in the world for the past 3 years in Cristiano ronaldo as voted by his fellow footballers but Liverpool have won more trophies over time mainly because they were founed 50 years before man utd but most of them trophies are known as 'shadowed' trophies by the Liverpool fans like the communiy shield. Also Manchester uniteds and liverpools best players Steven Gerrard and crsitiano ronaldo earn the same £130,000 per week and have both denied £180,000 contracts also ronaldo has now extened his contract till 2014 has says he was truley sorry to the Manchester united fans.

Is Man U better than Liverpool?

Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better

Are man you better team than Liverpool?


What team is better man you or Liverpool?

Manchester United by far. They have a better record and have the better players.

Are man city better than Liverpool?


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