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No. He isn´t. He comes from french Guyana and is roman catholic. In France play more Muslim players, than in other christian countries, but some players, like Malouda, Trezeguet, Gallas, Silvestre and...and...and...will just adding without any TRUSTFUL sources.

Malouda is catholic.

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I don´t think so. He was born in French Guiana. I´m sure he is catholic.

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Q: Is malouda that plays football a Muslim?
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Is malouda a Muslim?

No he is not a muslim, he may be a catholic, as the first name is Christian Floren

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Is florent malouda a Muslim?

No. He was born in France and his parents, I believe, were not Islamic.

What sport did Florent Malouda famous for?

Football. Play for Chelsea Football club(England) and France.

Who are the 2 Chelsea players are in France national football team?

Florent Malouda and Nikolas Anelka.

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Is louisa necib is a Muslim?

Louisa Necib is not Muslim, she is French. She is a popular football star that plays for French Club Olympique Lyonnais.

Which 3 Chelsea players play for France's football team?

nicloas anelka florent malouda there the only 2

How tall is Florent Malouda?

Florent Malouda is 181 cm.

Is florent malouda from ivory coast?

no Florent Malouda is from Cayenne.

When was Florent Malouda born?

Florent Malouda was born on June 13, 1980.

When was Lesly Malouda born?

Lesly Malouda was born on 1983-11-16.