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yes, makeup is allowed while playing softball. mostly depends on your coaches for what they prefer, but there are no rules saying you can't.

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Q: Is makeup allowed while playing softball?
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What is a good way to wear your hair while playing softball?

In a ponytail

Can you wear softball batting helmets while playing defense in the field?


How many calories do you burn an hour while playing softball?

Between 360 & 470

Is it bad to fast while playing softball?

yes, fasting while you play softball is really not a good idea. But i guess it depends on what level youre on. if you play fastpitch, you need to eat otherwise you will faint.

How many differences are there in playing softball now and when it was invented?

The girls wore skirts while now we wear shorts.

How is the game of softball in 2012 different from the game of softball back in 2010?

There is no difference. Some rules may have changed but I am pretty sure that it is still the same. I have been playing softball for a while and it is still the same from when i played in 2012 and I still play.

Can you wear studs in your ears while playing Softball?

No. Depends on the league your in. Most leagues do not allow any kind of jewelry.

In soccer are you allowed to play the ball while you are on the ground?

Yes. You are not allowed to play dangerously. At the rec levels and some younger ages playing while on the ground, under certain circumstances, can be playing dangerously.

Are Muslim women allowed to wear makeup while on their period?

Yes, but make up should only be worn infront of Mahram

What are 2 joints in the are you can hurt while playing softball?

All of them. But rotator cuffs usually go first for pitchers and knees for catchers.

How many player are allowed on the field at one time while playing softball?

Usually just 9, unless it's a younger league when they occassionally allow a tenth player in the field called a "rover" who usually stand somewhere around second base.

How do you play football with glasses?

They have certain glasses that are made to not fall off of your face while playing sports, I play softball and my friend has a pair.

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