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i think no

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Q: Is liver pool better than Manchester United?
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What was the railway used for?

to travelled from Manchester to Liverpool or Manchester to liver pool .

What is the nearest city to Manchester?

Manchester is directly connected to the sea by the Manchester Ship Canal, the nearest port on the coast is Liverpool.

What is Wayne Rooneys nickname?

Rooney's nickname is 'Hustler' because his agents and him harassed Manchester United into giving him a better contract and he succeded. He was counting his money in a pool in Dubai while Manchester United were playing Stoke away. Manchester United now pay him around £250,000 a week which is more than what Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo earn.

What football team is better?

Liverpool,they will neva walk alone! Or go for your home team i personally support liver pool but it is your choice u cud also pik a team that u fink play gud up 2 u really

What are the names of the football teams in the English football league?

Manchester united arsenal Liverpool Chelsea Aston villa Manchester city sunderland fulham everton Bolton brimingham city black pool blackburn rovers Newcastle united stoke city tottenham hotspur west bromwich albion west ham united wigan athletic wolverhampton

How far is it from London to liver pool?

About 200 miles.

Is Gary hooper goibg to liver pool?


Who is more successful man td r liver pool?

So far Liverpool, who have won 18 E.P.L. cups.Manchester United have won 17 E.P.L. cups.

How old is liver pool liver building?

The liver buildings were built in 1788 the year of the loin (Chinese) they are famous world wide and were designed by David Platte.

Is a concrete pool or vinyl pool better in Northern Kentucky?

A concrete pool is better any where if it is done professionally.

When was the last time liver pool won the champions league?

in 2005

Where does the name Barton come from?

The name Barton cam from Liver Pool.